TechArt Forum – MetaCity Oulu & Experiences

Save the Date Nov 18th 2022, Oulu, Science Center Tietomaa, Auditorium, 09:00 am. – 16:00pm. 

Welcome to the TechArt Forum – MetaCity Oulu & Experiences!

During the day we will dive together to the immersive worlds which the Metaverse will enable us to view the digital world in 3D.  

City of Oulu is gearing up to host the European Capital of Culture 2026 and we have been working to translate our vision for Oulu as a beacon of technology, art and citizens engagement into reality. We would like to present you with our ambition for a Metacity Oulu and welcome your feedback. We will be accompanied during this day by a number of meaningful talks and presentations that will give us a glimpse of what Oulu aims to become.

The Forum will give the audience a tour through the worlds via avatars, and arts created using Artificial Intelligence (AI). How the interactivity, possibilities to have haptic feedback, and to create digital twins which enables us to work more efficiently in both the fields of research, education as well as arts and industrial design. We will hear how the Opera Beyond has used the modern technologies in creating new audiovisual works, as well as stage design that improves safety and cost efficiency. 

The audience will be able to see the Virtual Reality (VR) models already created, as well as to have a deep dive in to the future technologies, which are already available in the military and industrial factories of the high-tech companies including the automotive industry.

How does this enable us to view the world around us digitally? We will give the audiences ability to participate in creating the future which takes the artist as well as the researchers and technological companies to make this dialogue a reality and transform the Oulu2026 to be viewed also in digital formats. 

After the Forum, the audience will have an opportunity to join the guided tour to view and experience the 10th Anniversary LUMO Light Festival together with the TechArt installations. 

Event is Free of Charge, with a complimentary lunch and coffee.

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Draft Agenda is subject to changes.  All registered members will receive updated Agenda before the Forum. 

Registration is open until November 1st ,2022. 

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