TechArt - in the Heart of LUMO 2022

International Call for Exhibits and Installations

The TechArt Project is calling for artists, designers and various technology professionals as well as students and educational institutions to submit their proposals for the 2022 event. The event will be held during the Lumo Light Festival of Oulu, which is celebrating it's 10-year anniversary. Therefore the Theme of this year's TechArt Call for Proposals is Celebration.

For the TechArt - in the Heart of LUMO Event, we are looking for impressive installations and innovative approaches using technology and art. This can include the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), to combine the AR, VR in mind blowing XR illusions, or robotics and automation that will make the crowds feel amazed by the show. Please note however, we are not looking for light art installations, as this is already covered in the Lumo Light Festival. The art forms combined with a specified technology can include music, dance, theatre, or other performing arts including magic. Cultural heritage or media-arts and even contemporary arts are also a possibility. Hence the sky is the limit when it goes to the content, as well long as the theme Celebration is vividly shown. We are primarily looking for proposals designed for outdoor spaces, but due to a hars and cold environment we also accept proposals for indoor installations.

TechArt in the Heart of LUMO proposals are asked to be submitted by 15 August 2022 using the form below

TechArt in the Heart of LUMO Dates

The TechArt in the Heart of LUMO Event will take place during the LUMO Light Festival of Oulu during Fri 18 – Sun 20 November 2022, primarily between 4 – 10 p.m. each day. Some of the installations may remain on display for a longer period if they are tolerant to weather changes and do not require maintenance.

Event zone

We call for proposals primarily within the zone presented in the map behind the following link inside the "Heart shape". Additional sites can be proposed in the Pikisaari island, or close proximity to the Festival Zone. Proposals can be submitted also without a designated site

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Weather conditions

Please note that the weather conditions in Oulu can vary a lot during late November. The temperature may fluctuate between -20°C and +10°C. Snow cover may be anything between 0 and 20 cm, and the circumstances are likely to be very humid or slippery. The wind may reach storm levels. However, the darkest time of the year provides an excellent setting for installations which use some source of illumination. Please note also the fact that the sun rises at 9 a.m. and sets at 3 p.m.


When selecting the TechArt installations the following points shall be considered:

  • Elements of surprise and adventure, visual and emotional experience, interactivity, attraction and novelty
  • Technical innovations used in the installation
  • Total costs. Please note all costs including production costs must be clearly indicated in the proposal.
  • Compatibility within the framework of the theme Celebration.
  • We appreciate the use of sound or other means to attract visitors to the installations.
  • We appreciate an independent method of production and realisation

We will select artworks within the following budget limits:

  1. 15 000 € (1-2 artworks) or
  2. 10 000 € (2-3 artworks) or
  3. 5 000 € (4-6 artworks) or
  4. max. 4 000 € (5-7 artworks) or any combination of these.

Please note:

The budget must include all expenses pertaining to the realisation of the installation, including travel, accommodation, and shipping costs

Licences from the authorities and electricity are excluded from the applicant’s costs

Submitting the proposals

Artists are asked to submit their proposals by 15 August 2022. The proposals must be submitted in Finnish or English. The proposals shall include the following:

  • Presentation of the visual appearance of the installation
  • Description of the installation including the technologies and art forms used (max. one A4 page)
  • Description of production and technical implementation
  • Detailed specification of the total budget for the installation, including all expenses 
    • N.B. The budget must include all expenses pertaining to the realisation of the artwork, including travel, accommodation, and shipping costs
  • Information about the issuer of the invoice (name of organisation plus company ID or similar)
  • Proposals are to be submitted with the attached form in one .pdf file including pictures and possible links to videos
  • Please, name the file: TechArt_NameOfTheInstallation_NameOfTheArtist_TotalPrice

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact at:

We shall contact the artists selected for further negotiations by the end of August. Unfortunately, we cannot reply to all proposals.

We look forward to receiving your ideas!

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