The purpose of TechArt is to build and pilot an ecosystem which combines both technology and art and culture .

Technology alone can't solve the needs of people for social interaction and interactivity. TechArt - project aims to build and ecosystem with various stakeholders from businesses, arts, municipalities, and technology and content from both local, national and international partners.

 Oulu has been a forerunner in high-tech research, product development and the startup field of the industry. However, technologies created and developed in Oulu are seen less frequently, e.g. in Oulu. in the cityscape and public spaces with content created in art and culture. The TechArt project strengthens the region's importance in product development that combines technology and culture. The project promotes the export and accessibility of cultural/art products to audiences and new audiences through new technological means.

TechArt project's objectives

There are two main objectives for TechArt. 

Firstly, the project creates a concept of an ecosystem that combines technology and culture and can be utilised by cities and municipalities in the region. The ecosystem generates new kinds of activity that combines technology, culture and art. 

Secondly, the project is looking for solutions for future needs, piloting and experimenting with innovations that combine new technologies and culture. The co-development of companies produces results through two different operating models:

1. Piloting trials shall engage businesses in the region to combine technology and culture and share them with companies, cultural actors and municipalities in the region participating through a digital platform. The goal and benefit of quick experiments is agile testing, which operating conditions have life chances in terms of business.

2. One larger pilot will implement from start to finish a package that will solve the challenge of the region's residents, businesses or cultural actors

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