Virtual models

During the TechArt project, a virtual model of the Tietomaa tower has been implemented. The tower celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021. Tietomaa Tower has a customer lift that only has access to the observation deck, but the stairs that circle inside the tower and the art and science exhibitions carried out inside have been unaccessible spaces for people with reduced mobility. The TechArt project has wanted to make these spaces accessible by using digitalisation. There have been two starting points here. Implement an accurate point cloud model that can be used in the future by the City of Oulu to carry out its own exhibitions and events. To provide these digital point cloud models openly for download to anyone who wants to explore, develop, or even implement commercial products. Another approach has been to make LUMO light festival content of 2021 called Kaivo better accessible to people with reduced mobility. The Kaivo installation work has been carried out by students and teachers of lighting design education at the University of Oulu. Because the work is impossible to experience at the venue for people with reduced mobility, the TechArt project has created a virtual exhibition of this exhibition as a Matterport implementation. The digital implementation was created through a public tender and carried out by A-Insinöörit Ltd.

You can check out the Matterport virtual exhibition via the link below.

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