Ecosystem work

TechArt City aims to build a national and international network where cities and regions, technology companies,R&D organizations, creative and cultural sectors, and art professionals meet and share information. The central theme is ecosystem thinking; How cities can develop a platform that generates activity that combines technology and culture

In the project, ecosystem objectives are implemented through the following measures:

  • launching an international network of experts
  • mapping out the best interactive content and spatial concepts that combine technology and art from Europe and the world
  • identifying what kind of knowledge capital is needed to create an ecosystem
  • identifying the organisational structure that can be used to develop the ecosystem
  • examine the capabilities and cityscape requirements for the city planning (what kind of technology can be placed in public places, including the safety aspect, light and sound pollution)
  • webinars, seminars, expert visits

What can this ecosystem work offer you?

We invite you to participate in our events, inform you about new opportunities for artists and companies and organizations interested in projects, content and collaboration that combine technology and art.

Welcome to TechArt events.

The next TechArt Webinar will be held on April 22nd 2022,venue located at Lapland Hotel Oulu. Seminar theme : Hybridise your Festival & Residence? The webinar is in English.

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TechArt project will participate in the following events during 2022.

 2.-4.6.2022 Ecsite Conference, Heilbronn
7.-11.9.2022 Ars Electronica Festival, Linz
18.-20.11.2022. LUMO Light Festival, Oulu

TechArt Matchmaking events will also be held in Tallinn and Helsinki during autumn. By subscribing to the TechArt newsletter, you can learn more about upcoming events.

TechArt Ecosystem Survey

You can take part in the TechArt survey from here:

How we use the collected data
Your replies will be processed and summarized in aggregated form only. In compliance with GDPR regulations we will retain your replies only for the specific purpose stated above and only until the end of the project. In the questionnaire you will have the option to opt-in for our newsletter or to receive further information on specific activities. You have the right to view, edit or delete your own information at any point if you so wish. For this and any other questions, please contact us at the emails listed here under. We are happy to hear from you.

Welcome to TechArt ecosystem work and participate in the cultural climate change.

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