Rapid innovation pilots

The TechArt project has carried out an open call for so-called rapid innovation pilots. Below you will find the contents and results of these 6 different experiments summarized, the final reports for each experiment are compiled under Final reports

OMVF XR music video

OMVF XR - musiikkivideo

Oulu Music Video Festival created an XR music video for ohmudog's music song called KEIJUSSTAMINA. The video is an XR music video in which a viewer dives inside a person's heart

Art in Park

During the project, the Northern Photographic Centre Association created a prototype of a digital service platform, and the aim of the application is to bring art out along jogging paths and to diversify the city view with new content. The app challenges art creators and organizations to create art content that is suitable for new platforms, and also provides artists with a new model of performance.

Marja Saleva's works to be seen as illustrative videos

Marja Saleva, Raining Nipples, 2021(2018)
Location: Ainola Park
Marja Saleva, Self Portrait as a tree 2021 (2018)
Location: Ainola Park
Marja Saleva, Self Portrait as a tree 2021 (2018)
Location: Ainola Park

The prototype can be explored here:

Air Guitar Party at Home

In February 2021, Airnest Productions Ltd. launched a project to develop an entertaining, active and self-expression-supporting Air Guitar Party at Home product. In addition, the aim was to create a business model that would enable growth and new profitability in both domestic and international markets. Playsign Ltd. was responsible for the technical implementation. The technical implementation was a combination of finished material, live interactions carried out remotely and the home party's own air shredding.

Connected Studio

In cooperation with Near Real Ltd. in Oulu, TaikaBox association developed a new performance format that combines live and live streamed performers from different countries. Based on the project, the work will be developed into a hybrid product package that can be offered to international markets.

Føddur Gamal hybrid performance recording at The Nordic House on 2 May 2021

Oulu Music Lounge

The project combined art and technology in a way that aims to connect musicians and potential customers more easily. The technical part consists of a website and specially made artist presentation and portfolio videos for the project. The videos drew attention to the atmosphere that wanted to highlight the fact that even classical arias can be performed at home as if they were performed on a large opera stage.

Oulu Music Lounge website

The trip to Maakinen Martinniemi was arranged in June 2021 as part of techart fast projects. The journey began when the Kiiminkijoki canoeing started in The Lower Village of Kiiming towards Haukipudas, from where the journey continued not only in kayaks but also in church and rowing water, accompanied by the Kayak Orchestra. The cruise host Matti Patronen. On the way, cultural performances were offered on water. The event was shown online as a live broadcast in real time and the audience was able to participate either from the home viewer or on site.

On the banks of the Kiiminkijoki river – story on the way to Maakinen Martinniemi on 12 June 2021

Interview with Catherine and Jared Van Earle and parts of their work Impression of Water
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