December 9th

Comic book and visual artist Lauri Ahtinen

The TechArt project presents Probot Ltd. Probot is an expert in robotics and automation from Oulu, founded in 2006. The company now employs 16 people and, despite the pandemic, the company will continue to grow and employ skilled personnel in the coming years.

During its years of operation, the company has delivered robotics to almost all kinds of industries. Probot Ltd. is also strongly involved in the development of next-generation robotics, and as part of this vision for the future, many collaborations with artists have emerged. Robot implementations related to contemporary dance, especially with Taikabox, have been the most visible.

At the moment, Probot Ltd.'s Department of Artistic Robotics is working on various techniques in the field of robotic painting. With the video, Probot Ltd. wants to wish all TechArt Advent Calendar followers a Merry Christmas and an innovative New Year!

More information about Probot Ltd.:

Christmas Greetings by Probot Ltd.

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