December 18th

Comic Artist Mika Lahtonen

TechArt presents Playsign Ltd., an Oulu-based gaming company that has created the XR music video in cooperation with the Oulu Music Video Festival. The XR music video was part of the TechArt project's pilots. You can read here more about the implementation of the XR music video's Final Report.

Playsign Ltd. has also implemented several VR and AR implementations for the needs of both cities and cultural stakeholders. A few examples of these are urban planning applications, Indoor conditions and energy use combined in a digital twin. During the pandemic also tools for planning and reviewing safe practices has been implemented with Playsign's solutions. Playsign has implemented an augmented reality (AR) game with Ludocraft Ltd., a trip back in time to Suomenlinna, a site-specific, augmented reality-enriched excursion into A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Suomenlinna!

XR music video can be viewed from this link:

Read more about Playsign Ltd.:

Read more about the AR game in Suomenlinna:

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