Interactive Sessions

Please note the location for each interactive session.  The doors will be marked with the color codes.

Participants are divided into 5 groups 

The Interactive sessions 1 and 5 are both 30 minutes.

Sessions 2-4 are 10 minutes. Each participant goes to either session 1 or 5, and then follows their group to sessions 2-4.

?In each room there is the host, presenting the content/guiding the participants through an interaction

?At the end of the session there are few mentimeter questions to answer.

Link to the Mentimeter survey will be published here during the Forum.

1. MetaCity Oulu: Seppo Yrjölä, University of Oulu ? 6G, Metaverse & Business Opportunities
MetaCity Oulu, Risto Jurva & Mika Rantakokko, University of Oulu
Location: 4th floor Science Classroom

Session length 30 minutes

2. Deep Space, Michael Mondria, Ars Electronica Solutions,
 Location: Auditorium Backstage

Session length 10 minutes

3. Lumo as a Platform, Veronica Santini, Spinverse Ltd.
  Location: Auditorium Backstage

Session length 10 minutes

4. Cultural Experiences, Jonas Rothe, Timeride Ltd. ? Timetravel come true with VR
Liisa Ronkainen, Project Manager, City of Oulu ? Culture travel experiences
Location: Auditorium, Hallway

Session length 10 minutes

5. Lighting as a tool to develop cities ? practical workshop, Henrika Pihlajaniemi, University of Oulu, OSAaValo Project
Location: 1st floor, Media-room

Session length 30 minutes

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