December 7th

Comic artist Aapo Kukko.

The TechArt project presents the hot sauna discussions by Oulu2026, which bring sweat to the surface.

The possible relocation of the Oulu University Campus to the city centre raises emotions and discussions for and against. Oulu2026 invited people familiar with the matter to the Hot Sauna Discussion, where the Timeout method is used to discuss the topic. Is the relocation of the university campus to Raksila a condition for the revitalisation of the centre of Oulu? Would moving the campus affect students' financial situation and interest researchers in the location of the university, or is the level of research the one that determines? There are also many perspectives and needs and ideas for the development of the city centre. 

The discussion included Leena Vuotovesi, CEO of Oulu Business Centre, Docent Pekka Kess, Representative of Pro Linnamaa, Jouko Niinimäki, Rector of the University of Oulu, Piia Rantala-Korhonen, Director of Oulu2026, and Students Aleksanteri Kekonen, Juuso Säärelä and Teemu Virtanen. 

Hot sauna discussions are part of the European Capital of Culture, Oulu2026 cultural programme.

Read the article and listen to the Hot Sauna Chat podcast:

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