December 5th

Black Peider is a messenger and champion of expression and freedom of expression and superhero wrestler .Black Peider is the alter ego of Iisalmi based comic book artist Petteri Tikkanen .

The TechArt project introduces Air Guitar Party at Home product. Since piloting the project, Airnest Productions has developed a new, virtual Air Guitar Party at Home cultural service product

Air Guitar Party at Home is a new kind of experience and good-natured activity where participants can use their creativity and learn to play air guitar under the guidance of world-class air guitarists.

World Champions Eric Mean Melin Melin, Justin Nordic Thunder Howard and Matt Airistotle Burns from the United States, Aline The Devil?s Niece Westphal from Germany, and Aapo Rautio from Oulu, who is also known from TalentSuomi. In addition to learning air guitar movements, participants can create their own air guitar characters and, if they wish, organise competitions among their own group.

Air Guitar Party at Home is suitable as a program for all kinds of occasions for friends and families, student events and workplace recreation days. The product is primarily aimed at adults, but is also suitable for people over 10 years of age.

BusinessFinland and the TechArt project have supported the development of the product. Playsign Ltd from Oulu was also involved in the project.


Check out the Air Guitar at Home product trailer, and let the fun begin.

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