December 20th

Comic book artist, children's author and cultural producer Jaana Suorsa

TechArt project proudly introduces Joni Pakanen, who is the Performer of the Year 2019, a magician originally from Oulu. Joni Pakanen is a member of the TechArt project's Steering Group, bringing valuable perspective through entrepreneurship to the challenges of the pandemic and the opportunities of virtual technology in the field of performing arts. During the pandemic, Joni Pakanen has launched the Virtual Magician concept, and was awarded winner of the Finnish Virtual Magic Championship, 16 October 2021.

The Virtual Magician offers interactive experiences with video connection to weekly meetings and recreation days, conferences, birthdays, Christmas parties and other private or public events.

A LIVE connection from the magician's studio takes viewers into a fun and wonderful world where anything can happen. The show is an interactive experience where you have fun together!

Read more about site and order a magician to join your next party that needs to be spiced up with some fun factor.:

Watch a short introduction to the virtual magic show.

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