December 2nd

Comic Artist Harri Filppa and Soiva Siili.

In the 2nd door of the advent calendar, TechArt presents the award-winning Oulu-based Soiva Siili children's music line-up. Founded in 1995, Soiva Siili has worked as a cultural partner of the City of Oulu in 2018-2021 and has been selected for the new contract period 2022-2024. Soiva Siili was selected Oulu Artist of the Year in 2012 and was awarded the State Prize for Children's Culture 2014.

Soiva Siili videos are available in Youtube:

p. 040 7423763 (Kyösti), p. 040 7772028 (Markus)

All recordings by Soiva Siili can be found from Spotify:

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