December 19th

Comic book artist, cultural worker and singer and lyricist for the Radiopuhelimet Band Jyrki Anselmi Mäki.

TechArt introduces NFT, a new manifestation and form of art that, despite the global attention, is only just now reaching more popularity. The NFT market is a new evolving cradle of art and culture that offers artists significant opportunities both commercially and in terms of the development of art.

NFTstore.Gallery (NsG) a new gallery and service concept of NFT art, born in Oulu but internationally. NFT, blockchains and virtual currencies, as well as their operating environment, can be foreign concepts and technology. The international market is challenging. That's where we're going to help. We offer a comprehensive, personalised service to take Finnish artworkers and art to the growing NFT market.

you interested? Check out our gallery at NFTstore.Gallery and feel free to contact us:

NFTstore.Gallery: https://NFTstore.Gallery

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