December 15th

Illustrator, comic book artist and comic art teacher Veli-Matti Ural

TechArt project proudly presents top research in Oulu. The unmanned aviation business is about to take off. Oulu-based excellence is at the heart of the industry's top innovations. 

Drolo in Drolo: ( ) the electric-powered and locally emission-free flying devices – also often referred to as drones - are coming under the magnifying glass of both companies and researchers. The Drolo project will tackle the challenges related to efficient, safe and professional operations. The challenges include, for example, air navigation services for low-level airspace, control of flights when out of visual line of sight, and the possibility of performing several tasks with a single flight. Drolo is a 7.5M€ 2 year co-innovation project funded jointly by the 11 project partners and Business Finland.

AiRMOUR: In AiRMOUR: (, the focus of investigation is on the research and validation of novel concepts and solutions to make urban air mobility safe, secure, quiet and green, yet also more accessible, affordable and publicly accepted. As the airspace opens up for new transportation systems, new forms of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), such as passenger drones, are gaining more attention. Similar to the adaptation process of electric cars, there are challenges to overcome related to technology regulations, for example. In order to tackle these challenges, a great deal more research is needed and cities need to integrate air mobility into their urban planning processes and acquire suitable tools for this. The AiRMOUR project drastically advances the understanding of necessary near-future actions – not only by urban communities, but also by operators, regulators, academia and businesses. AiRMOUR is a 3 year 6M€ project with 13 partners from 6 European countries, funded by the European Commission.

Both AiRMOUR and Drolo are coordinated by Dr. Petri Mononen at VTT Oy Oulu.

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