December 12th

Comic book and visual artist Tiina Molander

TechArt esittelee Oulun kaupungin käyttöön kehitetyn eAsiointi – sähköisen järjestelmän, joka tarjoaa mm. kaupungin avustushakemuksiin nykyaikaisen digitaalisen palvelualustan.

From the applicant's point of view:

  • provides a secure way to submit an application
  • open 24/7
  • directs to submit a correctly completed application and attachments at once
  • save the application, which can be viewed afterwards
  • the possibility to save the application as a draft if the application cannot be completed at once
  • displays the status of the application processing
  • send an e-mail, for example, when a request for a supplement has been received for the application

From the city's point of view:

  • significantly improves the process of processing grant applications
  • minimize manual workload
  • improve the principle of the one-stop-principle in grants
  • provides a unified service platform, e.g. for communication for grants
  • provides better means of detecting abuses

Oulun kaupungin eAsiointi – lyhyt esittelyvideo

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