December 10th

Comic and visual artist and illustrator Juliana Hyrri

The TechArt project introduces new products from BusinessOulu that are not lacking in creativity. BusinessStation has decided to dodge harmful viruses for the rest of the year and to turn some events into virtual events until we get to be a higher grade live again. We all know that virtual reality makes things that sound impossible possible, for example, flying chairs or elves dancing on tables. But that wouldn't happen at BusinessStation, or would it? 

In the spring, a new service product will also appear at BusinessStation, which digiStation's Olli-elf is already building feverishly. Anssi, a mystical construction worker, and Sari, a contact-elf at BusinessStation, also come to wonder about the nagging from the elves workshop. What do you think this is all about?

Christmas Greetings from BusinessStation

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